Youth Depict the Stereotypes in the New Media


“Online (Stereo)Typing: How We Portray Minorities in Everyday Life” will be the topic of the Second Youth Forum as part of the project “Youth Challenging Diversity: Representation of Minorities in the New Media”. The event is going to take place on 4th and 5th September 2015 in the beautiful town Chania on the Greek island Crete and it will gather representatives from  four participating organizations from Greece, Bulgaria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Croatia, as well as local youth interested in the topic. In addition, the event is organized in three parts: project presentation, panel discussion and workshops. The forum will start with a project presentation where one representative per participating country will make a speech on the topic presenting the experience of their organization and their country. During the panel discussion titled “Truth or Dare: Building Prejudices based on New Media Stereotyping of Everyday Life” experts and practitioners from Greece, Bulgaria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Croatia will present their standpoints on the topic and will argue how to overcome stereotyping in new media.

Last but not least, the event will be concluded with two workshops where the representatives from the participating organizations will develop draft versions of recommendations for the recommendations how journalists working in the new media should portray the minorities by providing an open access  and avoiding stereotypes. Those recommendations will get their final finish at the Conference in Skopje, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, scheduled for March 2016.

The forum is hosted by the organization Europe for Diversity, Culture, Co-existence and Citizenship, Greece, whereas the project applicant organization is Mladiinfo International from Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

If you happen to be near Chania, Crete on 4th September, don’t hesitate to join the presentation and panel, starting from 17:00 in the Municipality of Chania’s building. Otherwise, follow the highlights from the event on our Facebook page. Stay tuned!

Learn more HERE on the happenings at the Second Youth Forum in Greece and what were some of the conclusions that the participants brought in regards to how the journalists use stereotypes when portraying minorities, and what should be done in surpassing such challenge.

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