Final Youth Forum in FYR Macedonia


“Representation of Minorities in the New Media in Central and East Europe” was the final Youth Forum within the project Youth Challenging Diversity. The forum took place in Skopje, Macedonia (3-4 March, 2016) and gathered 50 young people from 14 countries. The forum enabled the space where main project researcher Marko Troshanovski presented the results of the media monitoring, a project activity conducted during the summer of 2015. 15 new media were part of the media monitoring in the four partner countries for the project: Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia and Macedonia. The forum participants were able to comment the outcomes at the main panel of the forum, along with other eminent speakers. Furthermore, the forum featured three youth panels where young Europeans were able to deliver their thoughts, research and perspectives on the matters of ethnic minorities, sexual and gender minorities, refugee crisis, migrants, people with disabilities and more.

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