Media(te) Diversity: Mladiinfo Youth Exchange in Bratislava & V4 photo exhibition


Contemporary online communication channels have made spreading different opinions, statements, attitudes towards others easier, immediate and interactive. Online communication thought creates a space for people who would not be able to deliver their thought in “offline interactions”. Narratives used by all kinds of media are very often based on the negative emotions, such as fear, anxiety and hate towards different kind of groups. All that can very easily lead to so called “paradox of choice”, which means that it makes youth disoriented and even paralysed in the information flow.


Media(te) diversity was the youth exchange coordinated by Mladiinfo Slovensko, that included 7 partners from Erasmus+ Program countries (Macedonia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic). The exchange, taking place in the period of 20 August – 25 August 2017 in the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, tackled the topics such as the media literacy and critical-thinking of youth with the focus on the diversity promotion in (new)media.


Its main aim was to bring 35 young people, students, youth workers, basically any active youngsters from 7 European countries together for one week, during which they boosted their skills of analysis and reflection, as well as develop a clearer understanding of different media information verification. Moreover, they will have a chance to create their own visual/audio materials on diversity reflecting the motto of the European Union “United in Diversity”. 

Young people got empowered with better inter-cultural communication and the importance of diversity work to society at large and a need to create a space for mediated dialogue.


During this exchange the participants got the chance to learn from each other, talk to the experts, reflect on their own and get inspired through non-formal activities, group discussions, team-work, video/movie projections and last but not least by visiting the exhibition “Integration & Diversity through the eyes of youth” within the project YOUTH CHALLENGING DIVERSITY.

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