The migration crisis remains the greatest threat to the EU survival and seriously questions its identity. Stigmatization is very often used by extremist or populist movements against “others”, “immigrants” or “minorities” in the current political discourse all around Europe, the most intense in Central and Eastern Europe . According to the FRONTEX data, in 2015, some 885,000 migrants arrived in the EU via the Eastern Mediterranean route – over five times the number in 2014, which was itself a record year. Anti-migrant sentiment has unified the “Visegrad group”, although those countries are not perceived as final destinations of the migrants and refugees. Their governments have expressed some of the most extreme views.

The main aim of the Forum was to attract youth aged 18 – 35 to discuss the new media representations of migrants and refugees. The participants analysed the stereotypes applied, identified the hate speech, but also discovered how the migrants and refugees from an object became a subject of the media representation. The gained knowledge youth could apply directly in their work as young journalists or as youth workers promoting diversity.


  • To raise the awareness about the representation of refugees and immigrants in new media;
  • To increase the active participation of young people and their involvement in quality new media reporting;
  • To enhance the exchange between journalists, media workers and youth in Europe;
  • To preserve diversity through minority rights’ protection and promotion of intercultural learning;
  • To empower youth on active citizenship and participation in the society;


  • Increase awareness about the representation of refugees and migrants;
  • Gain knowledge on the importance of the quality new media journalism;
  • Learn about quality journalistic reporting through applying good practices from media experts, practitioners and researchers;
  • Become skillful to analyze media content and to promote diversity;
  • Get empowered and motivated to become active citizens and to be able to improve the civic society;

During the Forum, a photo-exhibition portraying migrants and refugees will take place : Open call for photos by young photographers

The complete agenda of the event can be found here.