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    Once Upon a Time…

    Martina: Don’t be afraid to dream, don’t be afraid of life and be positive, always having a smile on your face „In my opinion integration in Slovakia is not the best…  but I hope the situation will be better. It is a long process.“. This is how Martina Zemanová, a 26-year-old student at Comenius University […]

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    ‘If You Want to Understand the Whole Concept, You Need to Understand the Core.´

    “If you want to understand the whole concept, you need to understand the core. ´says Erich, a 67 year old man who has been living in Nové Zámky his entire life. The city of Nové Zámky is located 100 km from Bratislava and only 25 km from the Hungarian border. The population is around 40.000 […]

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    Domec: Second Home for Homeless People

    Bratislava is a city in the central Europe with raising economy and standards of life. Despite the growth, there are many homeless people that are looking for safety and integration to society. For a long time there was a need for creation of NGO that would be able to solve the situation   of the homeless. […]

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    “If I Want to Live in a World Where I’m happy and Accepted I need To Do Something for it Myself”

    Frida Kahlo dominates the room with her silent stare. Gathered in a conference room in the centre of Bratislava (Slovakia) are thirty young people from different corners of Europe, reunited with the main purpose of discussing the situation of media and how it portrays minorities in the Old Continent. One of the most prominent guest […]

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    We Are Not Less than Other People in Any Way

    “We want to show the world that we are not less than other people in any way”, said Tomáš Dančo, a young guy in wheelchair “I always choose a person who is closer to my age and who can understand me, is familiar with my needs to be my personal assistant”, said Tomáš Dančo, a […]

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    Voice of Madness on Air : The Most Normal Place in the Town

    Welcome to “Voice of madness on air” radio show, today’s guest is Sejo Sexon frontman of famous band Zabranjeno pušenje. This is “Radio gradski FM” and twentieth edition of GLE (original title of the show Glas ludila u eteru). Darko, Mirjana, Tomo, Dule, Nataša, Mario, Ana, Svetlana, Nela, Jadranko. When you see them in a […]

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  • shuto orizari

    The Status of Romani in the Republic of Macedonia

    Macedonia is the only state where Romani community is officially recognized as a nation. The Romani in Macedonia are part of the constitution: they have their own representatives in the police structures and parliament. They own Romani radio, TV stations and a self-governing district with officially recognized Romani language. Despite the obvious difficulties encountered by […]

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    New Media as a New Form of Political Activism?

    Obama´s presidential campaigns, the Arab Spring and “Cinque stele” movement in Italy, share a common denominator; internet. However it has been difficult to assess its impact. Due to its non-monolithic nature, we could say that an important part of these successful stories was achieved through the major internet based social media such as Facebook, Twitter, […]

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    We Are Tolerant But You Will Not Get Your Rights!

    The importance and respect of human rights of LGBT groups across Europe significantly rise, yet many LGBT members still face difficulties in some European countries, especially in the former socialist countries that have been going through the EU accession process since 2004. `I am grateful for the Hungarian homosexual community for not exhibiting the provocative behavior against […]

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    A Society of Knowledge and Inclusion: The Integration of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Children in Kosovo

    Despite the various regulations in defense of children’s rights within Kosovo legislation, Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian children are affected by low integration levels, experiencing early school abandonment and high drop-out rates. Firstly, a glimpse over the profile of the three communities is provided. Secondly, the major obstacles to educational integration are reported. In order to […]

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