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    The Representation of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Polish Online Weeklies

    Poland is one of the few EU states to maintain its ethnic homogeneity and one of the least willing to welcome ethnic diversity that the refugees represent, with more than half of Poles opposing taking in refugees. Additionally, the newly-elected government is known for its anti-immigrant rhetoric. From a theoretical standpoint, we have to first clarify the definition […]

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    Nationalist Politics and Human Rights Violations of Ethnic Minorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Dayton Peace Agreement was signed in 1995, and stopped the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Constitution, as the highest legal act is a part of the Agreement (Annex IV of the Agreement), was never ratified nor approved in the Parliament. It has many obstacles, mainly towards violations of others. Constitution recognizes only three constitutive […]

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    Are All the Citizens of Serbia Polyglots? Reporting of Serbian Online Media on Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin and Bunjevac language(s)

    Nationalism is a negative spiritual category, because it lives on denial and by denial. We are not competing to reach our own maximum, but to outplay Them−similar to us and yet so different; They are the reason we started the game. Danilo Kiš (1935-1989) While in the former Yugoslavia the official language was Serbo-Croatian, the […]

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    The Paradoxical Nature of the Contemporary Romanian Anti-Semitism

    Although this year Romania celebrates 27 years since the „triumph of the democracy” and the fall of the Communist regime (since the 1989 events) and also 9 years since the EU integration, the democratic behaviour still seems to be difficult to assimilate for quite a large part of the Romanian citizens. Of course, a lot […]

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    The Effects of Wartime Serb Migration on Multiculturalism in Vojvodina

    Multiculturalism in Vojvodina Vojvodina, the northernmost province of the Republic of Serbia, has long been seen as “a bastion of democracy and multiculturalism in Central and Eastern Europe”, or this image has at least been upheld when presented to the outside world by Serbian politicians. And indeed, throughout the violent 1990s, when Serbia was directly […]

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    Representing Refugees: The Portrayal of Refugees as Threat In the Media

    Year 2015 is marked with ‘migration’ or ‘refugee crisis’, as the media have dubbed it. Within Europe, the portrayal of asylum seekers and migrants by the media has been contradictory. There is an evident common theme in the news – a very unstable situation. Migrants, refugees or asylum seekers? In the first nine months of 2015, […]

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    Lesya Litinova: Someday I Want To Be A Film Director Again

    An Interview with coordinator of Ukrainian IDP center in Kyiv The center on Frolovskaya is two steps from Andriivsky Descent, an artsy souvenir-market street that leads up to Maidan. All Ukrainian news-makers of the last two years meet within one small central district. If Maidan is where it all started, Frolovskaya presents a picture of […]

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    We believe in a New World

    I live in a country where the far right party Jobbik is the most popular among youth. I live in a country, where anti-Roma attitudes are the very basic parts of the everyday communication.  I live in a country, where the government is currently in a competition with the far right, whether who can gain […]

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    Perakis: Journalism Is Not Internet Stats, It Is Reporting about the Truth

    Prepared by: Hristina Sibinovska and Ana Alibegova Edited by: Stefan Alijevikj The beautiful island of Crete has not become widely known only due to the sandy beaches and crystal clear waters attracting thousands of tourists each year, but even more, it reached the front pages and the breaking news as being one of the gates […]

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    Radio Ghetto: Integrating Migrants in the South of Italy

    photo credits: Isabella Bazzi  Italy, together with Spain, Greece and Turkey, is one of the countries in the Mediterranean experiencing one of the greatest influx of migrants and refugees of modern history. Countries of Southern Europe represented, throughout the 21st century, among the most numerous emigrating population (through the north of Europe and America), pushed by […]

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