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    Media(te) Diversity: Mladiinfo Youth Exchange in Bratislava & V4 photo exhibition

    Contemporary online communication channels have made spreading different opinions, statements, attitudes towards others easier, immediate and interactive. Online communication thought creates a space for people who would not be able to deliver their thought in “offline interactions”. Narratives used by all kinds of media are very often based on the negative emotions, such as fear, […]

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    Youth Forum: Refugees and Migrants in the New Media

    Better representation of migrants and refugees in the new media, increased youth media literacy and more initiatives for the promotion of diversity and integration were some of the main conclusions of the second Youth Forum “Refugees and Migrants in the New Media in South-East Europe and Central Europe”. The realization of the event was also […]

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  • Sport Brings Integration & Diversity

    Sport Brings Integration and Diversity

    Practicing sports is the best way to integrate people”, says 26-year-old Nedžad Smajlagić, student, and handball coach from Bosnia I Herzegovina, presently based in Vienna, Austria. The Austrian capital has been in the past, and continues to be, home for several migrant minorities who come from a wide range of countries, namely Germany, Turkey, and […]

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  • Magdas Hotel

    Magdas Hotel: The Refugees’ Work Shelter

    If you are walking around Vienna and find yourself near the Prater Recreation Park, you might come across a seemingly regular corner hotel. However, as soon as you go over the doorstep of Magdas Hotel, you notice this is a unique place: a hotel run by a team of refugees and locals. Magdas is a […]

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  • Younited Cultures - Featured photo(1)

    Younited Cultures: A Story to Tell

    Moving to a different city for love and ending up founding a start-up 12 years later Sometimes in life, this may happen as well, you can say, but it is quite seldom if the protagonist is a Romanian girl moving to the Austrian capital – Vienna. It may happen in life, although quite seldom, a […]

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  • Refugee Welcome - featured

    Refugees Welcome: an Organization, a Lifestyle, a Beacon of Hope

    We met Raoul Kopacka, 29-year-old documentarist and journalist, in Café Prosa, one of the Austrian headquarters of Refugees Welcome. This is an organization established in direct response to migration upsurge, with offices fully functioning in 13 European countries. The idea behind Refugees Welcome is really simple: bringing locals and refugees in the same flat-share, and […]

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  • Feautured Photo

    Tours of Hope: Vienna Through the Lens of its Homeless

    Facing the streets of Vienna with those who know them best. Shades Tours employ homeless people to guide and aware locals about the social issues of Austria’s capital.      “When I was a student, I used to look at homeless as slobs who are able to work and simply don’t want to.”, says Robert, who […]

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  • Feautured Photo

    It’s About Art and Dance Together

    It was a cold windy day in Vienna, when the four of us, young adults from Germany, Slovenia, Macedonia and Portugal, crossed the main shopping street of the imperial city to arrive at the Impact Hub, a place that gathers a community of people inspired to create and work in social and sustainable business. There […]

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    The town of Komárno is located in the south of Slovakia with a population of almost 36.000 citizens. Through the town of Komárno flows the Danube, once representing the border between Hungary and Slovakia, nowadays simply a picturesque part of Komárno’s landscape. With the establishment of the European Schengen area the Elisabeth Bridge over the […]

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    Once Upon a Time…

    Martina: Don’t be afraid to dream, don’t be afraid of life and be positive, always having a smile on your face „In my opinion integration in Slovakia is not the best…  but I hope the situation will be better. It is a long process.“. This is how Martina Zemanová, a 26-year-old student at Comenius University […]

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