• Nove zamky

    ‘If You Want to Understand the Whole Concept, You Need to Understand the Core.´

    “If you want to understand the whole concept, you need to understand the core. ´says Erich, a 67 year old man who has been living in Nové Zámky his entire life. The city of Nové Zámky is located 100 km from Bratislava and only 25 km from the Hungarian border. The population is around 40.000 […]

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    Domec: Second Home for Homeless People

    Bratislava is a city in the central Europe with raising economy and standards of life. Despite the growth, there are many homeless people that are looking for safety and integration to society. For a long time there was a need for creation of NGO that would be able to solve the situation   of the homeless. […]

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  • 734121_616175251766614_343671016_n - Copy

    “If I Want to Live in a World Where I’m happy and Accepted I need To Do Something for it Myself”

    Frida Kahlo dominates the room with her silent stare. Gathered in a conference room in the centre of Bratislava (Slovakia) are thirty young people from different corners of Europe, reunited with the main purpose of discussing the situation of media and how it portrays minorities in the Old Continent. One of the most prominent guest […]

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  • IMG_5352

    We Are Not Less than Other People in Any Way

    “We want to show the world that we are not less than other people in any way”, said Tomáš Dančo, a young guy in wheelchair “I always choose a person who is closer to my age and who can understand me, is familiar with my needs to be my personal assistant”, said Tomáš Dančo, a […]

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  • radio-dj_2479610b

    Voice of Madness on Air : The Most Normal Place in the Town

    Welcome to “Voice of madness on air” radio show, today’s guest is Sejo Sexon frontman of famous band Zabranjeno pušenje. This is “Radio gradski FM” and twentieth edition of GLE (original title of the show Glas ludila u eteru). Darko, Mirjana, Tomo, Dule, Nataša, Mario, Ana, Svetlana, Nela, Jadranko. When you see them in a […]

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  • Photo credits: Ognen Teofilovski

    Migrant Crisis at Macedonians Borders: A Plead for Humanity

    Recently attending a Model European Parliament in my home city, Skopje, I witnessed a delegate asking a question on current situation on Greek-Macedonian borders: “Why should Macedonia let in immigrants in order to please the EU?”, to an ambassador that held a speech mentioning the country’s role in the crisis. Admittedly, the ambassador was not […]

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    Guardians of the Schengen Border: Slovenia During the ‘Refugee Crisis’

    Slovenia entered the stage of the refugee crisis in Europe as the last country on the so-called »Balkan route« in September 2015. Weeks before the first arrival of refugees at its borders, the Slovene authorities reassuringly stated that the country is prepared. With around 2700 refugees having passed the borders of Slovenia at Rigonce and […]

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  • DSC_0320

    Lesya Litinova: Someday I Want To Be A Film Director Again

    An Interview with coordinator of Ukrainian IDP center in Kyiv The center on Frolovskaya is two steps from Andriivsky Descent, an artsy souvenir-market street that leads up to Maidan. All Ukrainian news-makers of the last two years meet within one small central district. If Maidan is where it all started, Frolovskaya presents a picture of […]

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  • das

    Syria’s Other Syrians, the Circassians

    Shapsough Quarter, East Downtown Amman. Shapsoughs are Circassians who mostly inhabited the shores of the Black Sea in historic Circassia c. 1500–1864. The Quarter is one of the oldest areas in Amman. Source wikipedia: http://bit.ly/1ZYdrwD I sit in a coffee shop’s balcony in downtown Amman. It is mid November, and I have just gotten back from university. I […]

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  • ujvilag_pr_domolky_daniel_PRINT_010b

    We believe in a New World

    I live in a country where the far right party Jobbik is the most popular among youth. I live in a country, where anti-Roma attitudes are the very basic parts of the everyday communication.  I live in a country, where the government is currently in a competition with the far right, whether who can gain […]

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