• presidents

    Leadership Matters: A Lesson from a Divided Island

    Nicos Anastasiades, the president of the Republic of Cyprus (left) and Mustafa Akıncı, the president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (right) drink tea at a local cafe in North Nicosia. Source: The Guardian Political will is essential if not the most important factor towards reaching an agreement. As the refugee crisis in the […]

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  • Jess at the border

    The USA Perspective: Youth and Diversity

    Photo caption: Jessica at Greek-Macedonian border When I was first asked to write article, my inner immediate reaction was panic. No joke, I thought, no way, I am not qualified to write an article on this. Feeling this strongly, I asked some of my fellow American writer friends if they would be willing to write the […]

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  • migrants1

    Feeling Welcomed?

    Photo credits: Tereza Nvotova, source: Facebook The “migrant crisis” is one of the most discussed topics in European media in this recent period. There is a huge diversity of opinions on how we should help or not-help the flood of immigrants coming mostly from the Middle East. In Slovakia, my home country, the situation is even more […]

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  • Zagreb pride

    Portraying the Croatian LGBT Community

    Zagreb Pride 2015 – Photo credits: Kristina Josic  Growing up in Croatia society doesn’t really encourage you to be different or to stand out in any way. In fact, being too different or, God forbid, eccentric is not an option. They try to push you in the known and familiar categories, because everything else is […]

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  • Photo 2

    Shared Home for Displaced Ukrainians

    “Station Kharkov” IDP center The door I’m looking for hides over the corner of a noisy market street in the center of Kharkov. It’s my first visit to the hostel for the refugees from Donbas conflict zone. Locals call them IDPs, or “displaced”.  A busy looking young woman of about 20 walks out before I […]

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  • boat

    How Free a Mind Surrounded by Borders Can Be

    Refugees arriving to the shores of Greece – Photo: Brandon Stanton/Humans of New York How the Migrant Crisis Highlighted Nationalist Tendencies of Developed Countries In the recent months, the Internet has been flooded with all kinds of news about the migrant crisis. We got the opportunity to hear from world leaders, regular citizens, NGO professionals, and […]

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  • refugees1

    The Right to Homeland, the Right to Life

    A man dressed in traditional Circassian costume, holding a sign in a peaceful demonstration to raise awareness about the Syrian Circassians , “The right to homeland, the right to life” . Nalchik, Russia. Source: Sergei Koblev Syrian Circassian Refugees Refugees, pouring in enormous numbers from the war torn Syria to western countries, represent an economic, […]

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  • Picture 1 Isabella Bazzi

    Radio Ghetto: Integrating Migrants in the South of Italy

    photo credits: Isabella Bazzi  Italy, together with Spain, Greece and Turkey, is one of the countries in the Mediterranean experiencing one of the greatest influx of migrants and refugees of modern history. Countries of Southern Europe represented, throughout the 21st century, among the most numerous emigrating population (through the north of Europe and America), pushed by […]

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  • Photo by: Ivan Vilček

    “Christians Welcomed, Others Go Home”

    photo credit: Ivan Vilček Hungarians, Roma, refugees… why Slovakia cannot deal with minorities? Topics like extremism, intolerance, xenophobia, and hatefulness towards members of other people, races, national minorities or ethnic groups resonate very often in our society. Slovakia is not an exception, I would rather say that is not even an example how the minorities should be […]

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  • sibenice petr hlousek

    Refugees, Czechs and Irrational Fear

    The photo above represents the lowest and the most dangerous expression of xenophobic, racist and  hateful trends existing nowadays in the Czech society. The gallows was a part of anti-immigration demonstration in Prague and its message was in the context of protest more than obvious. Signs like „It is time to revolt!“ and „EU=USSR“ showed very […]

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