IMG_0371The fourth Youth Forum “Representation of Minorities in the New Media in Central and Eastern Europe” within the project “Youth Challenging Diversity – Representation of Minorities in New Media”, organized in Skopje, Macedonia (3/3/2016-4/3/2016) made the occasion where Marko Troshanovski, main project researcher, presented the final results of the research on how minorities are being represented in the new media.

The report is based on the findings from the monitoring project that analyzed underlying features of 15 journalistic coverage of minority issues within the most prominent news websites from four Balkan countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece and Macedonia. (See additional information on Youth Forums organized in Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece and Macedonia). It gives comparative insight of professional standards in the new media practices within the period June-July 2015.

The Final Report on the Representation of the Minorities in the New Media is available for download HERE.