• A line of Syrian refugees crossing the border of Hungary and Austria on their way to Germany. Hungary, Central Europe, 6 September 2015.

    Binary Narratives of Migration Crisis in the Hungarian News Media: Making Distinction between ‘Us’ and ‘Them’

    Since the beginning of 2015 when a considerable number of people have started pouring into the European Union– what will be later labeled as the start of the Europe`s migrant crisis- numerous European media agencies were not ready for reporting such events. Because of the overall unpreparedness and in some cases, governmental tighter control, media […]

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    We Are Tolerant But You Will Not Get Your Rights!

    The importance and respect of human rights of LGBT groups across Europe significantly rise, yet many LGBT members still face difficulties in some European countries, especially in the former socialist countries that have been going through the EU accession process since 2004. `I am grateful for the Hungarian homosexual community for not exhibiting the provocative behavior against […]

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