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    World of Asylum Seekers and its Image in Media Coverage: Boundaries and Discourses

    The paper I am presenting today is part of my Ph.D. research devoted to asylum seekers in Bulgaria.  My thesis is in the field of social anthropology but I use the multidisciplinary methodology and theory concepts.  The focus of presentation today is asylum seekers and their image in media coverage in Bulgaria. The main research […]

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    Feeling Welcomed?

    Photo credits: Tereza Nvotova, source: Facebook The “migrant crisis” is one of the most discussed topics in European media in this recent period. There is a huge diversity of opinions on how we should help or not-help the flood of immigrants coming mostly from the Middle East. In Slovakia, my home country, the situation is even more […]

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    How Free a Mind Surrounded by Borders Can Be

    Refugees arriving to the shores of Greece – Photo: Brandon Stanton/Humans of New York How the Migrant Crisis Highlighted Nationalist Tendencies of Developed Countries In the recent months, the Internet has been flooded with all kinds of news about the migrant crisis. We got the opportunity to hear from world leaders, regular citizens, NGO professionals, and […]

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    Perakis: Journalism Is Not Internet Stats, It Is Reporting about the Truth

    Prepared by: Hristina Sibinovska and Ana Alibegova Edited by: Stefan Alijevikj The beautiful island of Crete has not become widely known only due to the sandy beaches and crystal clear waters attracting thousands of tourists each year, but even more, it reached the front pages and the breaking news as being one of the gates […]

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  • Photo by: Ivan Vilček

    “Christians Welcomed, Others Go Home”

    photo credit: Ivan Vilček Hungarians, Roma, refugees… why Slovakia cannot deal with minorities? Topics like extremism, intolerance, xenophobia, and hatefulness towards members of other people, races, national minorities or ethnic groups resonate very often in our society. Slovakia is not an exception, I would rather say that is not even an example how the minorities should be […]

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