• visegrad

    The Visegrád Four: a new European centre of power?

    The events of the so-called refugee crisis of 2015 undeniably had a severe impact on the European Union and its member states. While Germany, Austria and Sweden took the spotlight as the main destination countries, the flow of migrants that year passed through several other European countries, especially in Central and South-Eastern Europe, leaving marks […]

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  • 1404722313620

    World of Asylum Seekers and its Image in Media Coverage: Boundaries and Discourses

    The paper I am presenting today is part of my Ph.D. research devoted to asylum seekers in Bulgaria.  My thesis is in the field of social anthropology but I use the multidisciplinary methodology and theory concepts.  The focus of presentation today is asylum seekers and their image in media coverage in Bulgaria. The main research […]

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  • Wien_-_Westbahnhof,_Migranten_am_5_Sep_2015

    Burden on Society and Economy: the Profile of contemporary Refugees and Migrants

    Contemporary Europe faces multilayered problems which are of a wicked character and seem non-solvable (Ysa et al 2014). Raising spatial inequalities, environmental demands, security threats, populist movements, democracy crisis and the like have pushed members of the general public and policy makers to almost blame migrants or refugees for this challenging situation. Media portray refugees […]

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  • Illegal migrants walk near  the railway crossing at the border between Hungary and Serbia near Roszke, 180 km southeast from Budapest, Hungary, Tuesday Aug. 25, 2015.  (Sandor Ujvari/MTI via AP)

    Comparative Analysis of Refugees Coming from the Balkan and the Middle East from a Legal, Еconomic and Мoral Viewpoint

    The sole fact that thousands of refugees are being accepted to the EU without any border check in 2014 and 2015 caused the initial frustration of citizens in Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo*. All these countries need endless paperwork in order to acquire a work permit in EU. On the top of this Kosovo* inhabitants can not […]

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  • Picture2

    The Refugees in a Broken Mirror of Fear

    Legal Definition of refugee: ‘an individual who has left his or her native country and is unwilling or unable to return to it because of persecution or fear of persecution (as because of race, religion, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion) Status of Refugees Convention, 1951 2016 was a record year in […]

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  • Youth Refugee Forum - Mladiinfo

    The Evolution of a Pro-Refugee Volunteer Campaign in Slovakia

    The Slovak Initiative Who will help? is almost 2 years old and since its inception in April 2015 it has managed to transform from a 100% volunteer led campaign to a professional organisation with a sole aim: to facilitate refugee integration in Slovakia. Hoping to preserve the spirit of its “grassroots” nature, it set its […]

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  • challenging diversity

    Integration of Refugees and Restoration of their Dignity

    Until recently, it seemed that Croatia had forgotten that not so long ago it was home of internally displaced persons and refugees from other countries as a result of the Yugoslav wars. However, several years ago, a major “wave” of refugees came to Europe and suddenly migration became an everyday topic again. We found ourselves […]

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  • IMG_3350

    PHOTO GALLERY: Youth Forum on Refugees and Migrants in New Media

                                Photos are made by Phil Lampron and Filip Ivanov.

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  • pexels-photo

    PHOTO EXHIBITION: “Diversity and Integration through the Eyes of Youth”

    The Photo Exhibition is a part of the Youth Forum “Refugees and Migrants in the New Media in South-East Europe and Central Europe” that aims to discover how the new media in these regions have been reflecting on the migrant and/or refugee crisis and to what extent they contributed to the promotion of diversity. 30 photos selected […]

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  • Magdas Hotel

    Magdas Hotel: The Refugees’ Work Shelter

    If you are walking around Vienna and find yourself near the Prater Recreation Park, you might come across a seemingly regular corner hotel. However, as soon as you go over the doorstep of Magdas Hotel, you notice this is a unique place: a hotel run by a team of refugees and locals. Magdas is a […]

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