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    Media(te) Diversity: Mladiinfo Youth Exchange in Bratislava & V4 photo exhibition

    Contemporary online communication channels have made spreading different opinions, statements, attitudes towards others easier, immediate and interactive. Online communication thought creates a space for people who would not be able to deliver their thought in “offline interactions”. Narratives used by all kinds of media are very often based on the negative emotions, such as fear, […]

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    Final Youth Forum in FYR Macedonia

    “Representation of Minorities in the New Media in Central and East Europe” was the final Youth Forum within the project Youth Challenging Diversity. The forum took place in Skopje, Macedonia (3-4 March, 2016) and gathered 50 young people from 14 countries. The forum enabled the space where main project researcher Marko Troshanovski presented the results […]

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  • Jess at the border

    The USA Perspective: Youth and Diversity

    Photo caption: Jessica at Greek-Macedonian border When I was first asked to write article, my inner immediate reaction was panic. No joke, I thought, no way, I am not qualified to write an article on this. Feeling this strongly, I asked some of my fellow American writer friends if they would be willing to write the […]

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    Young People Started to Challenge the Diversity in Their Countries

    New Media – New Opportunities? The Newity They Bring to Diversity was the topic of the youth forum that took place on 10 and 11 May in Buje/Brtonigla, Croatia as part of the project Youth Challenging Diversity – Representation of Minorities in the New Media. Participants from Croatia, F.Y.R of Macedonia, Greece, and Bulgaria, coordinated […]

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    Europe for Citizens Programme

    The Lisbon Treaty at the end of 2009 led to a number of changes towards bringing the Union closer to its citizens and fostering greater cross-border debate about Union policy issues. The new Article 11 of the Treaty on European Union introduces a whole new dimension of participatory democracy Europe has a challenging agenda for […]

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