11215936_10207111460164655_671531850_nNew Media – New Opportunities? The Newity They Bring to Diversity was the topic of the youth forum that took place on 10 and 11 May in Buje, Croatia as part of the project Youth Challenging Diversity – Representation of Minorities in the New Media. Participants from Croatia, F.Y.R of Macedonia, Greece, and Bulgaria, coordinated by Mladiinfo International, will set three youth forums and a final youth conference in the frames of the Europe for Citizens’ project on minorities and new media.  In addition, they will discuss the benefits and challenges new media bring to diversity, the stereotypes in new media discourse as well as the positive stories that connect the citizens and promote living-together.

“This is a great project for the young people because they will finally have their say on important issues such as diversity, integration and long-term reconciliation. Youngsters can take part at the forums as discussants or as audience, can actively listen, address vital questions of their interest and last but not least, become more open-minded towards their compatriots from different ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or different background. We launched our first project event in Croatia successfully, and even more interesting activities are to take place in the upcoming months”, explains Shemsedin Iljaz, project coordinator at the applicant organization Mladiinfo International.

Apart from the representatives from the organizations Mladiinfo International, Europe for Diversity, Culture, Coexistence and Citizenship, Media Development Center and Mladiinfo Croatia, at the presentations and the panel discussions joined also eminent representatives of the Istrian regional government, as well as of the civil and media sector in the region.

Before the second youth forum, scheduled for September in Chania, Crete, the youth involved in the project will monitor 4 new media from their country and depict how they portray the different minorities. The results of the new media research will be presented on a final youth forum, to happen in Skopje, in March 2016.

Youth Challenging Diversity – Representation of Minorities in the New Media project is supported by the Europe for Citizens programme and will last for two years.